Sunday, November 3, 2013

Most Hilarious Mid-Western Events (23 pics)

This oh-so-cleverly hidden cell phone tower.

This mid-spring weather surprise.
This admirable dedication to alcohol.
This Bloody Mary.
This total time suck.
This camo wedding attire.
This crazy generous tip on a Steak ‘n Shake bill.
These summer sausages in the shape of Miller beers.
This guy skiing down the street.
This polite refusal to use the word “soda”.
This riding mower parked at a convenience store.
This bacon sausage.
This friendly support in the form of food after the Boston Marathon bombings.
This Ugg bridal boot.
This back tattoo.
This helpful signage.
This thong.
This exasperated reminder.
This sandwich that wants for you to both stuff yourself stupid and share with others.
This multitasking gentleman taking his riding mower through the ATM.
This St. Patrick’s Day keg delivery to a bar.
This sorry excuse for a spring day.
This gas station with all the essentials.

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