Monday, May 25, 2015

If You Could Pick Only One, What Would It Be?

Good night sleep or a video game night.

Emma Watson or Emma Stone.

Ugly and rich or poor and good-looking.

Jessica Rabbit or Katty Perry as Jessica Rabbit.

Ironman or Batman.

Vampires or Werewolves.

True love or $100,000.

Have excellent relationship and terrible sex or have awful relationship and incredible sex.

Being able to fly or own a time machine.

Zombie apocalypse or 'Mad Max' apocalypse.

Free Starbuks for a year or free iTunes forever.

Challenge the Rock or beat the sh!t out of Justin Beiber.

Live in a world where there are no problems or live in a world where you rule.

Being stuck on an island with a person you hate or spend one last night of your life with a person you love.

Being invisible or read minds.

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