Sunday, July 12, 2015

Gizmos and Gadgets That Are Actually Darn Nifty

The Air Umbrella creates a dome of repelling air around you.

Use any objects that will fit in the minute and hour holes to create a clock.

Chameleon bandages.

City lights globe.

Glass toaster. Say goodbye to burnt toast.

Color changing umbrella- rain drops change the color.

Pen scans any color then allows you to draw using that color.

Wall-mounted light.

Outlet eliminates need for a power-strip.

Place a sticker on items you tend to lose and use this device to locate them when lost.

Collapsing bike.

Shoot the bulls-eye to deactivate the alarm clock. For snooze abusers.

Inflatable bed for your car.

The calendar absorbs the ink at the exact rate so that today's date is colored.

Wireless keyboard projector.

Send your smart phone to Liquipel and have every part of your phone that is exposed to air... even the inside... coated with a protective layer of gas, making the device waterproof.

Mini-projector for your iPhone or Android.

Unique candle has multiple interconnected wicks, making for a chaotic burning pattern.

Device allows you to play your old-school video games using your computer.

Solar powered charger sticks to glass.

Solar powered heating rings to warm up your swimming pool.

Send an audio clip to this company and they will convert it into a sound-wave bracelet.

Awesome shower.

All-in-one transforming furniture.

Relax in the rain, or use this enclosed chair to avoid bugs.

Wireless mouse runs off of its own kinetic energy.

Zip-up tents that attach to one another.

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