Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Unpublished Photos From National Geographic Archives

A Kitten Aboard A Floating Victoria Water Lily Pad In The Philippines, 1935.

A White Fallow Stag Stands In A Forest In Switzerland, 1973.
Irish Guards Remain At Attention After One Guardsman Faints In London, England, June 1966.
American Bison Charge Through Heavy Snow In Yellowstone National Park, November 1967.
Hikers Stand Near The Top Of A Natural Rock Bridge On Mt. Rainier, Washington, May 1963.
With Claws Bared, A Kitten Attacks Its Own Mirrored Reflection, 1964.
A Wave Of Rock Shaped By Wind And Rain Towers Above A Plain In Western Australia, September 1963.
A Regular At Le Louis Ix In Paris, “caramel” Keeps A Client Company, May 1988.
A Young Kenyan Woman Holds Her Pet Deer In Mombassa, March 1909.
Young Lovers Embrace Beside The Arc De Triomphe In Paris, 1960.
Tourists Explore Massive Dead Tree With Tunnel Cut Out For A Road In Sequoia National Forest, May 1951.
A Woman Stands In Front Of Her Flower Stand On The Rambla In Barcelona, Spain, March 1929.
A Man Herds Sheep With The Help Of His Collies In Scotland, 1919.
A Flock Of Birds Fly Up From An Enclosed Courtyard In Old Havana, December 1987.
A Man Stands Dwarfed Under The Ape-ape Leaves Of Puohokamoa Gulch In Maui, Hawaii, 1924.
Loggers And The Giant Mark Twain Redwood Cut Down In California, 1892.
Locals Relax By The Tulip Fields Along The Canal In Haarlem, The Netherlands, 1931.
A Man Examines The Teeth Of A 10-month-old Alaskan Malamute Puppy Near The South Pole, 1957.
Boys Dressed Up In School Uniforms Pose With King Penguins At The London Zoo, 1953.
Roaring Out Of Auyan-tepui’s Wall, A Waterfall Plummets Over 3,000 Feet In Venezuela, March 1963.
John F. Kennedy’s Coffin Lies In State Beneath The Capitol’s Dome, November 1963
Woman Adorned Like A Chinese Goddess Poses In A Garden In California, 1915.
A Shadow Of A Man Holding A Bicycle Is Cast On A Wall Near The Zambezi River, 1996.
A Child Sitting On A Hereford Bull Near Pleasanton, California, 1926.
Welts, Scars Of Beauty, Pattern The Entire Back Of A Nuba Woman In Sudan, 1966.

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